Welcome to the website of Fish Processing Łosoś Ltd.. We are one of the leading producers of fish preserves in Poland. We have been gaining experience and knowledge for decades and one of our priorities is the continuous development of the company. Thanks to a group of strongly committed people, we offer products of the highest quality, meeting the expectations of our customers. This is confirmed not only by their positive feedback, but also by the IFS, BRC, MSC and ASC certificates we have been awarded. We feel great satisfaction in being able to supply products that are tasty, healthy and rich in nutritional value. We invite you to explore our extensive product portfolio, which includes fish fillets and carcasses in delicious flavour compositions and a wide range of salads and fish pates.

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Eat fish!

Health benefits

Thanks to their nutritional value, fish have a very beneficial effect on human health.
Their meat is high in protein, vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids.
Eating fish reduces the risk of many diseases, has a beneficial effect on brain function and ensures the proper development and functioning of the body.
Therefore, it is worth including them in our diet permanently!

Healthy as a fish
Scientific research has long demonstrated the importance of fish consumption for the functioning of our body. They occupy a very important place in the Food Pyramid. They should therefore occupy a strong position in our diet and play a prominent role. Eating fish provides our body with essential nutrients. There is a reason why fish and seafood are referred to as superfoods. In addition, some of the beneficial ingredients are only found in fish.