Fish Processing Łosoś Ltd.

A bit of history…

Fish Processing Łosoś Ltd. was established in 1954 and until 1999 it operated as Sea Fisheries Labor Cooperative Łosoś. At that time, the factory was located in the port of Ustka and, in addition to the production of fish preserves, it also dealt with fishing in the Baltic Sea, the sale of fresh fish as well as fish for further processing, repair of boats and nets, as well as retail sales in 10 brand shops located throughout the country.
Since the early 1990s, the focus has been exclusively on the production and distribution of canned fish.
In 2000 the legal form was changed into a commercial company and 2 years later the company moved to Słupsk, where a modern factory was established within the Special Economic Zone.


Łosoś today

Today, Łosoś is one of the leading producers of tinned fish in Poland with an annual production of over 83 million units and employing around 460 people. The company has 12 technologically advanced production lines, its own cold store, smokehouse and a modern high-storage warehouse. The quality of the products is supervised by a team of people with many years of experience. The company meets the highest quality standards with IFS, BRC, MSC and ASC certifications.

The company is committed to continuous development by improving its production technology and intensively introducing new products, also in terms of packaging type. For many years, the potential of the Sales Department, where an experienced team of traders takes care of relations with contractors, has also been systematically growing.

Our products – our pride!

The product portfolio of Fish Processing Łosoś Ltd. includes 3 brands: Łosoś, Posejdon and Pirat, with the Łosoś brand being the leading brand. The range includes a wide selection of fish preserves including mackerel, herring, sprat, salmon, trout, catfish, tuna or sardine. Fish is offered in fillets or carcasses in delicious sauces, in oil or olive oil, with a variety of vegetables and spices. There are also fish smoked naturally with beech wood smoke. Preserves are offered in tins, jars and so-called alupacks in weights from 90 g to 300 g.

The offer includes classic tinned fish like Mackerel fillets in tomato sauce or Fish salad with rice, but also many products not offered by other producers. In addition to canned food under its own brands, Fish Processing Łosoś Ltd. also produces canned food under contractors private brands. Fish and other product ingredients are sourced exclusively from reliable suppliers. None of the products contain preservatives. The long shelf life is only due to a suitable thermal process and robust packaging.


Customers come first

The company always puts its customers first, both retail and wholesale. It is thanks to their trust that Fish Processing Łosoś Ltd. has been able to develop to its present level and can supply the market with products of the highest quality. Half of the production goes to the Polish market and the rest is sold abroad. In the country, products are sold to the largest retail chains and wholesalers. The company cooperates with Lidl, Biedronka, Auchan, Leclerc, Eurocash, Intermarche and Dino, among others. Abroad, the products go to markets such as Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, France, England, Germany and the USA.

Long-term relationships are established with customers based on reliability and timely delivery.

The sale of products is supported by numerous marketing actions and promotions. Advertisements for Łosoś brand products can be seen on national television, billboards, on the Internet and heard on the radio. Regular advertisements are also placed in the most popular trade press.


We are not resting on our laurels

The basis for the efficient functioning of a company is continuous development. This also applies to the fish processing industry. New generations are coming in and they are becoming a purchasing power and we need to meet their needs, tastes and lifestyles. Fish Processing Łosoś Ltd. follows these trends and even tries to stay ahead of them. The company is constantly investing in new technologies, building new production lines, introducing new products and new types of packaging. The rules are dictated by the market, namely by customers who are increasingly demanding. Ever more often, they read the composition of products, which are now supposed to be not only tasty but also healthy. Łosoś meets these needs, listens to consumers and ensures that the offer is tailored to the current times.